Jim Beard Discography

ArtistAlbum TitleYearNoteAvailability
John McLaughlinAdventers in Radioland1986Composer of 'The Wait'
Dave LiebmanHomage to John Coltrane1987   
Wayne ShorterPhantom Navigator1987  
Toninho HortaDiamond Land1987  
Mike SternTime In Place1988 
Peter ErskineMotion Poet1988  
Michael BreckerDon't Try This at Home1989Composer & Player
Victor BaileyBottoms Up1989  
Rick MargitsaColors1990  
Eliane EliasSo Far So Close1989  
Jeff TyzikDistant Dreams1989 
Creed TaylorRhythmstick1990  
Mike SternJigsaw1989 
Randy BreckerToe to Toe1990Producer, Composer, Player 
Vince MendozaStart Here1990  
Bob BergIn the Shadows1990
Chuck LoebLife Colors1990 
Bill EvansLet the Juices loose1989Composer & Player
Mike BreckerNow You See It...(Now You Don't)1990Composer & Player
Wayne KrantzSignals1990 
Jim BeardSong of the Sun1991 
Mike SternOdds or Evens1991Producer/Player
Music on the EdgeChroma1991Producer/ Player/Composer
Eliane EliasA Long Story1991Producer 
Dieter IlgSummerhill1991 
Bob BergBack Roads1991Producer/Player Grammy nomination 
Dennis ChambersGetting Even1992Producer/ Player/Composer
Ralph BowenMovin' On1992 
Jon HeringtonThe Complete Rhyming Dictionary1993Producer/Player 
Bob BergEnter the Spirit1993Producer/Player
Pat MethenySecret Story Live1993Video In Japan Only
StylisticsChristmas Record1993 
Bob BergVirtual Reality1993Producer/ Player 
Mike SternIs What it Is1994Producer/Player Grammy nomination
Claude NugaroChansongs1994 
Toninho HortaFoot on the Road1994  
Bob BergRiddles1994Producer/ Player/Composer
Martin TangTinman1995  
Jim BeardLost at the Carnival1995 
Didier LockwoodNew York Rendevou1995Producer 
Capitol RecordsJazz to the World1995Producer/Player
John MclaughlinThe Promise1995 
Mike SternBetween the Lines1996Producer/Player Grammy nomination
Bill EvansEscape1996Producer/ Player/Composer
Capitol RecordsWorld Christmas1996Producer/Player
Michel CloutierInfluences1997Producer/ Player/Composer 
Jim BeardTruly1997 
Bill EvansStarfish and the Moon1997Producer/Player/Composer
John McLaughlinThe Heart of Things1997 
Michael 'Patches' StewartPenentration1998Producer/Player/Composer
Billy WardOne Hand Clapping1998  
Diane ReevesTribute to Motown1998Producer/Player 
Bill EvansTouch1999 
Victor BaileyLow Blow1999 
Michael FranksBarefoot on the Beach1999 
Chuck LoebListen1999 
Mike SternPlay1999Producer/Player
Jim BeardAdvocate1999  

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