Randy Brecker "Toe To Toe" MCA(MCAD-633)`90 - U.S.A.

Victor Bailey(b) Darryl Jones(b) Bob Mintzer(saz) Michael Brecker(sax) Jim Beard(kb) Dennis Chembers(dr) J.Herrington(g) etc.
    * N.Y. Type    - L.A. Type    - Latin Type   - Nac/Aor Type 
    - Black Contemperary   Type   - Euro. Type   - Afro Type
    - Jazz Type    - Blues Type   - Rock  Type   * Brecker Bro.Type 
This is a solo album of Randy Brecker who is an elder brother of the Brecker Brothers. And he is well-known as the husband of Eliane Elias. Generaly speaking, his younger brother Michael Brecker attracts attention of audience much more than Randy. While Michael's sax play is powerful and energetical, Randy's play is cool and gives reserved impression. That's the reason why Michel stands out more than Randy. But reviewing the history of the Brecker Bros., Randy has been playing very important role in the Brothers. Their masterpieces, such as "Some Skunk Funk" and "Sponge", were composed by Randy. Typical sounds of the Brecker Bro., they could be called a series of 'anomalous melody', were mainly composed by Randy. Randy supports very fundamental musical background, and Michael plays vivid and exploding performance on the front. That's the Brecker Brothers! Randy would often be regarded as a trumpet player using wah effect, but I prefer Randy as a composer than as a trumpetter. I cannot see potentially how great his trumpet technique is, but can clearly recognize that his composing ability is greater than Michael. This album will show you how wonderful his works are. It must be a big misunderstanding that Randy always creates 'anomalous melody'. This album describes various charactaristics of his composition, beautiful melody, tricky sence, or a tune like "What is the Answer" which has impressive and awakening melody. I think Randy should be evaluated as well as Michael considering his total ability of composing, arranging, and playing. This album is one of my favorites because it vividly shows his unseen but fantastic world.
* Jim Beard's sound is also widely featured.(Aswan)

MelodiousOut of melody/code

Translated by Toshitake Ozutsumi