Jun Fukamachi & New York Allstars "Live" ALFA/Bounce(0008)`78

Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, David Sanborn, Mike Mainieri, Richard Tee, Steve Khan, Anthony Jackson, Steve Gadd, Jun Fukamachi
    * N.Y. Type    - L.A. Type    - Latin Type   - Nac/Aor Type 
    - Black Contemperary   Type   - Euro. Type   - Afro Type
    - Jazz Type    - Blues Type   - Rock  Type   * `70 N.Y. Type
Although this album is titled as Jun Fukamachi's leader album, it might be better to call this album as New York Allstars' album. The New York Allstars was not a permanent group, but musicians around M.Mainieri formed this session and it's called New York Allstars in this album. M.Mainieri didn't participate in Brecker Bro. Band but the members who joined to his 'White Elephant' were the first trial of those members' session. For the reason above, I call this kind of sound as "N.Y. sound around M.Mainieri". Similar to this sound, there are two well known albums 'Blue Montrex' by ARISTA ALLSTARS which was consisted of ARISTA label musicians. M.Mainieri was the primary player of those sounds, and we can easily understand how significant place he positioned by the fact that his 'Love Play' had been played at encore, or at crimax of live stages those days. In those days, there were two major streams of N.Y. sounds. One stream came from M.Mainieri or Brecker Bro. And the other came from the member of Stuff. S.Gadd commonly appeared on those two streams. (R.Tee was prefered as Stuff side, not M.Mainieri side.) This album is a live album performed by musicians who created that one big stream of Fusion music. Most players can be seen in 'Blue Montrex' as well, but session members in this album should be preferred as typical one side of the N.Y. sound. Don't talk anything about Fusion without listening to this album!! This album must be a miracle!! It is a great delight of us that this wonderful album is re-issued as a CD album and we can easily have it!!
* This must be a king of kings.(Aswan)
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Translated by Toshitake Ozutsumi