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       Cyber Fusion - jazzfusion. com is the most popular and highly admired web site about contemporary jazz in Japanese language.
English contents here are only small parts of this web site, just showing examples of Japanese contents those are updated weekly.
Tribute Messages to Michael Brecker(updated3/25/2007)
News : Jun Fukamachi and The New York All Stars Live reissued!!(updated11/27/2002)
Russ Freeman InterviewRuss Freeman photo(updated 9/22/2002)
We added many new links.(updated 2/17/2002)
Jeff Berlin Interview(updated 9/1/2001)
Introducing Japanese Fusion : Micro Stone(updated 9/1/2000)
Mike Mainieri Interview(updated 6/17/2000)
Jack Lee Interview(updated 5/31/2000)
Michael Brecker Live Report from Osaka(updated 4/23/2000)
Scott Wilkie Interview & Live Report(updated 4/8/2000)
Jim Beard Interview(updated 2/27/2000)

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