How to Enjoy Cyber Fusion

You can listen to music in CyberFusion by MIDI and RealAudio. CyberFusion is optimized for Netscape Navigator2.02 or better and Microsoft Internet Explore3.0 or better but to enjoy CyberFusion to the max. we recommend to install the latest version of the browsers. To download the latest versions, plese click icons below.

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MIDI is a rather small file containing information about notes, tempo and instruments etc. and suitable for transportation through Internet. But to play MIDI file, MIDI compatible sound cards such as Sound Blaster in PC or MIDI module attached to PC via MIDI cable or serial port is required. Recently Soft Synth which can play MIDI file as software without any additinal hardware such as Roland VSC-55 and Yamaha S-YG20 have been developed.

For users of Microsoft Internet Explore V2.0 or better

MIDI files are played back automatically.

For users of Netscape Navigator V2.02

To play MIDI files, plug-in software is required. With proper plug-in, you can play back MIDI files. CyberFusion recommends Yamaha MIDPLUG which can play MIDI file in good sound quality without need of additional hardware. Please click icon below to download.

MIDPLUG requires rather high speedo CPU. For details please refer to Yamaha site.
Also if you upgrade to Netscape Navigator V3.0, Live Audio plug-in which can play MIDI files comes with it.

For users of Netscape Navigator V3.0

MIDI playable plug-in called Live Audio comes with NN3.0 as standard so you can listen to MIDI file without any addition. If you replace Live Audio by Yamaha's MIDPLUG, you can enjoy better sound quality.

2. RealAudio

RealAudio is plug-in software that can play digital audio file without waiting for long time to download huge files. Netscape 2.02 or better, or MS Internet Explore 3.0 or better is required to install RealAudio. Netscape3.0 and MS Internet Explore come with RealAudio2.0 but to listen to RealAudio file in CyberFusion, its newest version 3.0 is required. Please click following icon to download RealAudio3.0. We are preparing RA files both for 28800bps and 14400bps modem but we strongly recommend to use 28800bps modem since sound quality of 14400bps RA file is very poor.


Depending on hardware and software configuration of your PC or Mac, RealAudio and MIDI may not be played simultaniously. As far as we confirmed, Yamaha MIDPLUG V2.0 for Windows and RealAudio would conflict on same page.


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Enjoy Multimedia world of CyberFusion!

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