Mark Egan "Beyond Words" Bluemoon(R279171)`91

M.Egan D.Gottlieb C.Carter T.Horta B.Evans S.Khan D.Alias etc.
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Well, this is the very final of this FUSION BEST 100 series. Even before starting this series, I had strongly decided that this album should be the last album and must be a conclusion of this series. He has been my idol, and I would like to complete my series with his album. I saw him just 50cm - 1m ahead on a live performance of Elements in '92. And it has been unforgottable moment for me, I could talk to him there! I first heard his bass play in D.Sanborn's "Promise Me The Moon", not in P.Metheny Group. His sound gave a great impact to me. "Wow!! How cool this fretless bass sings!!" This encounter made me an enthusiastic fan of him, and 20 years have past since then. I believe "Pat Metheny Group", which includes "San Lorenzo", must be one of his masterpieces. There're so many reasons why I love his bass play, however, primary reason that first comes to my head is the sound of his fretless bass, and his bass play which makes the best of fretless bass's characteristic trails. Every single note, every single phrase of his bass crushes my brain with delightness and leads me to a significantly exiting state! This album fully contains his fantastic and lyrical world. Toninho Horta is also featured in this album, so this album could be a must item for Toninho's fans, too. I personally look up Mark Egan as a god, and I listen to this album at least once a month as his masterpiece, and every time it gives me a great pleasure.
Ultimately strong uniqueness and originality! No other player could take his place!! (by Aswan)
MelodiousOut of melody/code

Translated by Toshitake Ozutsumi