Larry Coryell"Vision In Blue" NEC AVENUE(A32C-101168)`88 (Japan domestic)

Larry Coryell(g)
    * N.Y. Type    - L.A. Type    - Latin Type   - Nac/Aor Type 
    - Black Contemperary   Type   - Euro. Type   - Afro Type
    - Jazz Type    - Blues Type   - Rock  Type   * Coryell Type 

I had misunderstood and had incorrectly evaluated Larry Coryell until I listened to his wonderful 'Bolero'. Prior to that experience, I had regarded him as a light kind of guitarists. To be honest, I had known his name but hadn't known his music so much. Just only things I knew about him were that he played a duo with S.Kahn and Alista Allstars. I saw him playing the 'Bolero' on a stage named 'Guitar Ledgend'. That splendid performance beaten my misunderstanding out of my head! I believe you know that famous Ravel's 'Bolero'. It is said that classical orchestra musicians don't like to play 'Bolero' because of its difficulty. It's incredible but Larry Coryell plays the 'Bolero' with only one guitar! What do you expect when you listen to a guitar music, or any other instrumental music? Guitar technique, such like fast picking or tricky phrasing, would give great impression for guitar music beginners. And then those beginners come to a place to listen carefully to solo guitar story telling, harmony, chords, and so on. At the end, guitar music listeners' interests will get to a point of tasting guitar players' musical imagination, originality, and musicality. Larry Coryell's 'Bolero' will give a significant impact for those who loves guitar music. Particularly, this 'Bolero' will show you Larry's originality and musicality mostly. This is what I felt when I first listened to his 'Bolero'. There is a metaphor that a guitar is match for a tiny orchestra. His guitar is it! His 'Bolero' will satisfy you with its magnificent sence, dynamics, imagination, originality, and his musicality. I would like you to share this incredibly exciting music.
I wish this article could explain how wonderful this 'Bolero' is!(Aswan)

MelodiousOut of melody/code

Translated by Toshitake Ozutsumi