Michel Camilo "Suntan" EVIDENCE(ECD 22030-2)`86

Michel Camilo(pf) Anthony Jackson(b) Dave Weckle(drs) Joel Rosenblatt(drs)
    * N.Y. Type    - L.A. Type    * Latin Type   - Nac/Aor Type 
    - Black Contemperary   Type   - Euro. Type   - Afro Type
    - Jazz Type    - Blues Type   - Rock  Type 
This is Michel Camilo's best album. It is played by the best three musicians. Latin fravored piano in high speedo backed by ultra speedy rhythm section. It is just like watching a jet coaster type thriller movie. Dangerously speedy and powerful yet perfect combination of three players, it is just wonderful. My favorite tune is "Tombo in 7/4" which was originally Airto Moreita's samba with Frora Purim's laid back vocal. It has been reborn in new arrangement. The original arrangement by Airto reminded me of hot summer but Michel's new arrangement is very sharp and sophisticated. It's just like listening a samba in nice air conditioned room. Actually I like both of the arrangement but I was so impressed by rebirth of thesong which sounds like a completely different tune from the original by Michel'stalent and imagination. "Suntan" is the Michel's most attractive album.
Reissued in CD (Aswan)

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